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The movements of yoga are intended for all age groups, for women, and for men. Prior knowledge or practice is not necessary since we differ as individuals. Our bodies differ, as well as intentions for attending the practices. The goal is to start living a more mindful and holistic life. To be aware of what we do, why we do it, and of course, to learn how to be the observers of all aspects in our lives. During the sessions, we focus on asanas, mindful breathing, visualizations, and dance. I adjust the flow of the movements so it is aligned with the whole group. When working in individual sessions, I completely adjust to fit the needs of the individual.

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My story

My story is filled with travels, swimming, yoga and psychology. Through all my life’s ups and downs, I have never let a day go by without laughter. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine.

For over 18 years, I was a competitive swimmer attending European and World Junior Championships.

Swimming brought me to yoga and opened doors to the United States where I got a degree in psychology. Also, it taught me great discipline. I learned where to push through and where to let go, especially at the end of my career, when my heart was not in it anymore. The most valuable lesson I learned from swimming is that self-discipline and self-observation are important; to be aware and alert to the body, mind and being. Constantly, I had to balance the thoughts in my head, deal with the pressure of doing my best. Although my coaches were there to support me, I was the one who was in charge of my thoughts. With that in mind, my coaches, alongside my family and friends, gave me the best possible support I could ask for to evolve into the person I am today. For that, I have a grateful heart.

Sport has been a part of me and my everyday life. When I was younger, I thought that sweating and overexhausting the body was the only way to balance and reduce stress. Later on, I learned that reflection on our experiences is also important; to be aware of what is happening, to be awake. Sometimes it is quite challenging but practice makes the best results. The aim is to balance one with the other, to be aware of the body, mind and the experiences that are happening to us. I am not saying that we should not train the body with whatever exercise we prefer, but that we must be mindful of it. We must reflect on when it is time to slow down and when it is time to continue and overcome the obstacles before us.

For now, I have found balance with yoga, visualisations, meditation, readings, dance and occasional non-competitive swimming. I am still learning how to observe my experiences and how to breathe and be observant in all situations. My curiosity will not stop here. Daily, I am exploring my own being and learning how to listen to what my heart calls for.

Combining my personal experiences with a 200-hour yoga teacher training and a psychology degree have helped me to get a sense of who I am. Now, I teach what I have learned and I provide individual and group services with a focus on balancing the different aspects of life. Creating space to grow is something magical one can do for oneself and for others.


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